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Rehab First has a rich, client-centred culture that traces its heritage back to Associative Rehabilitation Inc. (ARI), which at the time of its acquisition by Aetna Canada in 1997, was Canada’s largest rehabilitation services organization. Rehab First is the further realization of our founders’ vision of multi-disciplinary support for the most complex impairments, through a single point of contact. Read Jamie’s and Joanne’s open letter.

James Campbell

James Campbell, Registered Psychotherapist, M.Ed., MBA, CCRC, RRP, CCLCP, CVRP (F)

President and Co-Founder


Joanne Gram, M.Ed. (CRDS), RRP, CCRC, CCLCP, CVRP (F)

Vice President, Rehabilitation Services, and Co-Founder

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Medical Professionals, Employers, Personal Injury Lawyers, Insurers, Hospital Discharge Professionals, the WSIB and Consumers. Our referral partners recognize our uncommon approach to case assignments, which starts with an understanding of their respective regulatory, compliance, benefit and funding contexts.

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