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Amanda Lee-Gomes - Social Worker


Amanda is a Registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers and is a member of the Ontario Association of Social Workers. She graduated from Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario obtaining an Honours Bachelors of Social Work degree. Amanda currently provides counselling and case management services for Rehab First in Alliston and surrounding area.

Amanda has extensive experience assisting clients with disabilities ranging from Autism Spectrum Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Developmental Delay, Acquired Brain Injuries, mental health issues, and complications with addictions in developing and implementing rehabilitation goals. Amanda also has experience with grief and bereavement counselling; supporting individuals and families with a focus on the impact of a loss. Amanda specializes in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, which focuses on 4 main areas; Mindfulness, Interpersonal Relationships, Distress Tolerance, and Emotion Regulation. Amanda has experience in working with individuals, families and groups, and has committed to support and empower clients by working toward their independence.


Deborah Mair – Social Worker


Deborah is a Registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers and is a Registered Rehabilitation Professional as well as a Certified Vocational Professional. Deborah provides vocational rehabilitation, counselling and case management services for Rehab First in the Kitchener and Hamilton areas. Deborah has previous experience assisting injured workers in returning to work and participating in meaningful life activities. Deborah also has experience in completing vocational assessments and servicing clients in career planning and goal-setting while utilizing a client centered approach to empower clients to regain control of their life, independence and confidence. Deborah has experience in working with individuals, couples and groups; and she specializes in youth and adult mental health, anxiety, loss, grief, depression and pain management.

Deborah graduated from the University of Western Ontario obtaining an Honours Bachelors of Social Work degree, and she also obtained a Child and Youth Worker Diploma (Honours) from George Brown College.

Edward Shaul – Social Worker


Ed Shaul is a Social Worker serving clients in the Greater Toronto Area. Ed has more than 20 years of experience in psychosocial assessment and counselling in both hospital settings and private practice. At Rehab First, he provides treatment and assessment to clients and their families who are experiencing trauma and distress. He has worked with clients with a wide-range of injuries including brain injury, spinal cord injuries, multiple orthopaedic injuries and associated psycho-social barriers to recovery.

With a Master of Social Work from the University of Toronto, Ed has continued to be involved in teaching and education. He has supervised and mentored social work students as well as taught medical students.


James Campbell - Psychotherapist

Registered Psychotherapist, M.Ed., MBA, CCRC, RRP, CCLCP, CVRP(F)

James Campbell is a co-founder of Rehab First and Director of Rehabilitation Services. In 1981 he founded Associative Rehabilitation Inc., which at the time of its acquisition by Aetna Health Management in 1997, had grown to become Canada’s largest rehabilitation services firm. Before co-founding Rehab First in 2000, he was Vice President, Insurance and Institutions Sector, for Aetna Health Management. He is a recognized authority on rehabilitation best practices.

Mr. Campbell’s areas of specialization include psychotherapy, vocational, educational and social rehabilitation, case management and future care cost reporting. He has achieved success working with clients who have sustained catastrophic impairments associated with motor vehicle accident injuries, and clients who have had a wide variety of other occupational and non-occupational injuries and illnesses. He is expert at fulfilling the challenging rehabilitation needs of clients with chronic pain and mental health conditions.

Mr. Campbell holds Master of Education degrees in Educational Psychology and Counseling Psychology from the University of Western Ontario and is a Registered Psychotherapist. His Master of Business Administration degree was earned at Western’s Ivey Business School. He holds the Canadian Certified Rehabilitation Counsellor Certification (CCRC), Registered Rehabilitation Professional (RRP) and Canadian Certified Life Care Planner (CCLCP) designations, and is an active member of the Canadian Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (CARP).

Assisting persons with serious disabilities through rehabilitation counselling is Jamie’s main passion and practice focus. His research interests include social skills training programs for children and adolescents with emotional/behavioural disorders, and academic achievement and social adjustment of children and adolescents who have had concussions.

Jennifer Breckels - Social Worker


 Jennifer has a Bachelor of Sociology from Wilfred Laurier University and a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Waterloo. Jennifer is registered and in good standing with the Ontario Association of Social Workers and the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. Jennifer will be providing social work assessment and treatments services to children, adolescents and adults in the London area who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents.


She has worked with an assortment of agencies including child welfare, mental health and various community organizations. Jennifer has extensive experience providing support to clients including children, adolescents and adults. She has worked collaboratively with various professionals to ensure all needs of a client are met within the larger family and community setting. Jennifer has training and experience working with diverse and disadvantaged populations, including working with people who have mental health challenges, developmental disabilities, addiction issues or are involved in the criminal justice system.


Judith Wiens – Social Worker


Judith is registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. She is also a Registered Rehabilitation Professional with the Vocational Rehabilitation Association who provides counselling services at Rehab First Inc. out of the Toronto office.

Judith provides counselling, case management, and vocational services for Rehab First Inc. throughout the Niagara Region. Judith has worked in community settings providing assessments and case management for a variety of clients including those with developmental, physical and intellectual disabilities. Judith is experienced in providing individual, couples, and family counselling bringing with her extensive experience in the field of disabilities, mental health, addictions, and crisis intervention strategies.

Judith graduated with a Bachelors and Masters of Social Work (BSW/MSW) from the University of Manitoba and she is proficient in American Sign Language (ASL).


Nicole Dutchak – Social Worker & Regional Manager


Nicole Dutchak is a Regional Manager with Rehab First Inc. She is a registered social worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers as well as a member of the Ontario Association of Social Workers. Nicole has provided counselling and case management services to clients in the Hamilton, Burlington and Niagara regions since 2012. Nicole is an experienced practitioner in both community and healthcare settings. As a medical social worker, Nicole conducted psychosocial assessments, case management, and discharge planning in areas such as internal medicine, complex care, neo-natal intensive care and the emergency department. She also provided specialized assessments within a regional mental health program. As a community practitioner, Nicole worked in residential treatment settings and provided counselling, case management and recreational support to individuals who experienced severe and persistent mental health concerns. Nicole is skilled in providing individual, couple, and family counselling. She is also experienced with working in group settings. Nicole has extensive experience in providing support to individuals and families who are adjusting to injury or illness. She has particular expertise in the areas of traumatic brain injury, anxiety, depression, addictions, and pain management.

Nicole is passionate about her profession and feels privileged to have the opportunity to work with individuals who are recovering from motor vehicle accidents, occupational or non-occupational injuries or illnesses. She utilizes a client-centered approach in order to empower clients to regain their independence and look forward to the future. Nicole holds Bachelor Degrees from McMaster University in Sociology and Social Work. She holds a Master Degree in Social Work with a specialization in clinical practice, also from McMaster University. Nicole is also fluent in French.


Tanya Jonkman - Social Worker


Tanya Jonkman is a Registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW). Tanya Jonkman obtained a Bachelors of Social Work from Ryerson University and a Masters of Social Work from Yeshiva University. Tanya has extensive experience working with individuals and families throughout the continuum of care in both community and healthcare settings. She has worked with individuals who have sustained traumatic injuries and with those adjusting to chronic illness and disability. Tanya has experience working with a range of client populations including pediatrics, adolescents, adults, and older adults.


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