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Often a referral starts with a question rather than a definite request. Our opinion may be sought about a proposed course of treatment for a given set of circumstances, or an assessment may have been conducted by another practitioner and there is uncertainty about optimal timing and scoping of further assessments or treatments and their sequencing.


If the initial query is for return-to-work planning for example, we may ask you if an assessment of physical and/or cognitive demands has been performed, and if it has, identify its review as a priority within our suggested scope of service. Or the request may be for an assessment of both pre and post-accident income loss as the basis for making an advanced funding request from a Bodily Injury adjuster in a tort action, Or we could be asked how we might assist a Physician or Neuropsychologist with their determination of whether or not one or more of the required criteria for determination of catastrophic impairment exist when completing an OCF-19 application.


The pre-referral questions asked us of us take many forms. Our referral intake professionals have the experience and skill to identify the relevant case variables and to propose appropriate solutions.


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