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Speech-Language Pathology

Speech and language disorders can take a number of forms and have a wide variety of causes. They can profoundly affect one’s ability to communicate with others, and therefore, one’s sense of self-worth and success in social, educational and professional/work settings.

A speech disorder is one that impairs one’s ability to pronounce words correctly or fluently. Stuttering is an example of a speech disorder. A language disorder is one that impairs one’s ability to understand others or to express thoughts or ideas clearly and completely. Stroke is a common cause of language disorders, also referred to as aphasia.

Speech and language disorders occur in all age groups, and can have a known cause, such as illness, head injury or surgery, or have no known cause. Rehab First clinicians are assessment and treatment experts who are trained to work with clients with a broad range of challenges, from motor function and swallowing, to communication and memory. They are also highly effective in working with varied populations, including pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric individuals and can optimize functioning in a variety of environments: school, work, home and the community. We are able to provide services in a timely manner (no wait lists) and to accommodate clients’ and clients’ families’ time and location preferences and constraints.  View our Speech-Language Assistance For Children Pamphlet.

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Speech-language pathology intervention can improve cognitive communication abilities, which are essential to all activities of daily living. Therapy can improve individual outcomes in various aspects of life (social, life management, education, employment).

We assess and treat a wide variety of needs:

  • Speech disorders, including articulation/pronunciation and phonology
  • Language disorders, including developmental (e.g. language delay) and acquired disorders (e.g. aphasia)
  • Reading and literacy development, as well as written expression
  • Cognitive communication disorders (including difficulties with attention, memory, organization and problem solving/reasoning, etc.)
  • Motor speech disorders (including apraxia of speech and dysarthria)
  • Voice and resonance disorders
  • Stuttering/dysfluency
  • Swallowing disorders/dysphagia
  • Accent reduction
  • Social communication skills
  • Oral Expression

We place our many expert skills at the service of individual families, disability insurers, workers compensation boards, employers, personal injury lawyers and educators. The cost of services is often covered by one or more insurance plans.

We are available to make public service presentations on speech and language topics as well.

Our intake coordinators welcome your inquiries.

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