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Med Net a rehab first serviceThe rehabilitation of employees who have disabling injuries or illnesses often requires a multi-disciplinary approach to assessment and Return-to-Work planning and management. Complementary to Rehab First’s core disability management disciplines such as Occupational Therapy, Vocational services, Work Conditioning and Speech Language Pathology, MedNet® medical and psychological assessments play a vital role in confirming diagnoses and optimizing functional (physical and cognitive) assessment scoping and worksite modifications.

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The rehabilitation of persons with severe injuries or illnesses requires a multi-disciplinary approach to assessment and treatment. Complementary to Rehab First’s Speech Language, Occupational Therapy, Vocational and related assessment capabilities, MedNet® medical and psychological assessments play a vital role in confirming diagnoses, optimizing treatment planning and validating Life Care Plans.

Work performed by MedNet® roster professionals reflects Rehab First’s quality emphasis. Accordingly, every MedNet® practitioner has completed a formal application and review process before being invited to become a member.

Case Management Expertise

We view Case Management as a dedicated professional practice. Rehab First’s case managers coordinate all services in a way Smiling woman in front of computerthat ensures an employee’s or claimant’s assessed, emerging and potential abilities and motivations are understood and developed. We offer both Comprehensive Case Management and Vocational Case Management services to employers and insurers, depending on the degree of medical recovery that has been achieved at the point of our engagement.

All of our Case Managers have recognized health credentials and many have more than 20 years of healthcare experience. In addition to their clinical skills, they have uncommon understanding of the employer, union, insurer and employee perspectives.At Rehab First, case management is governed by our Client Pathways™ service model. All of our case managers use our proprietary Client Pathways™ software system for case decision support and activity tracking.


Other Supporting Services

  • Accent Modification Services
  • PGAP (Progressive Goal Attainment Program)
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Treatment)
  • Stuttering and Auditory Comprehension Therapy)

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Medical Professionals, Employers, Personal Injury Lawyers, Insurers, Hospital Discharge Professionals, the WSIB and Consumers. Our referral partners recognize our uncommon approach to case assignments, which starts with an understanding of their respective regulatory, compliance, benefit and funding contexts.

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